Why teaching history must be given priority, by stakeholders

Prominent intellectuals and leaders of thought have said teaching of history must be given priority for Nigerians to know their past and exploits of past heroes in order to get things right.

They include former Nigerian Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr Yemi Farounbi; foremost historian and former Commissioner in the old Oyo State, Prof. Bolanle Awe; Prof. Tayo Adesina of the Department of History, University of Ibadan; and wife of renowned Historian, Mrs Christie Ade-Ajayi.

Others at the event organised by Tunde Odunlade Art and Culture Connexions, Bodija, Ibadan, titled: ‘Culture meets culture: Arts and agriculture in historical perspective,’ are Dr. Tunde Adegbola; and Publisher of Yoruba tabloid, Alaroye newspapers, Dr. Alao Adedayo.

Adesina, who was the keynote speaker, emphasised the need for history to be taught to the younger generation.

He said: “For you to understand what is happening, you need to go back to the past. There is a misconception of what history is all about. It is the totality of human experience. We are losing historians that is why history is where it is. Wherever there is art, there is agriculture.

“Security must be understood in the parameters of its interlocking dimensions. One of the reasons we have problems in Nigeria is that government does not understand its people and vice versa. We cannot continue this way. But it is almost sure that if we are going to build this country, it has to start yesterday. It is difficult to separate Art from Agriculture.”

Farounbi, who was the chairman on the occasion, said: “We need to know the past to avoid errors in future. Without a sense of history, we keep repeating the same errors.”

On his part, Adegbola said there is a link between agriculture and culture, which is what art is all about, while Adedayo stressed the need to remember the deeds and exploits of past heroes.”

Awe submitted that historical perspective of culture has been well tackled, adding, “ the challenge is on all of us to look more on agriculture as it affects culture.

Odunlade, who is the convener, said there is a nexus between art and agriculture, citing baskets as an example.



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