Advertising is simply the pillar of every business, regardless of the size. Big companies, SMEs etc , rely on constant advertising to create local or global awareness and engagements which helps them to reach their potential and prospective customers. In other words, advertising is a MUST for every business today, whether it’s a newly established one or a famous business with years in operation.

Now come to think of it, if household names like Indomie, Dangote, Coca-Cola etc, still runs promotions for their brands till date, that tells us that proper advertising is the SOUL of every business.



When it comes to business advertising and promotion, there are many factors to put in check before starting up the campaign. The most important of them all is your Aim or Goal. Before embarking on promotions, one should really know his/her purpose. One should know what his/her business stands to gain during and after the promotional campaign.

By doing so, you’ll know whether the campaign achieved its goal at the end of it all or not.

These goals can be

  1. Increase in sales
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Reaching out to potential customers
  4. Traffic on business website
  5. Getting video views (for video creators) etc.


Just after mapping out your goals, the next is to know which medium to direct your promotions. In the digital space, there are numerous media available to help one promote his or her business. Some of these are

  1. Television Stations
  2. Radio Stations
  3. Websites
  4. Social Media Networks
  5. Search Engines, etc.

All these aforementioned channels and others not mentioned are good for business promotions but each has its super power or uniqueness. Therefore, it’s best for one to know his or her advertising goal before making a choice on which medium to use.



Since you’ve known why you should run a proper advert for the success of your business, let’s help you achieve that.

At Business Point 24, we use our digital marketing skills to setup effective campaigns that yield results according to your specifications. We use channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc, to run your business promotional campaigns. This is because these channels have  billions of users globally and thousands to millions of your prospective customers waiting to see and engage with your business.

Therefore, running a proper ad on these channels will definitely get the right result you need in your business. Why not start now?



You can start achieving your business goals right away by handing us your advertising campaign. With your information and our expertise, your promotional campaign will surely get its desired result. Click the button to get started.