About Us

Business Point 24 is a division of the popular IT firm (MKDIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES) situated in Anambra State, Nigeria. It is owned and managed by the firm itself. 

This platform was setup for the sake of aiding local businesses, from small to large scale, to have a strong web/digital presence, which will in-turn result in the increase of sales, getting good business reputations and finally to gaining popularity.

Digital marketing is one of the specialties at MKDIGITAL TECH. We help to promote businesses through digital means like social media, email marketing, Google SEO, Google Ads etc. With these expertise, Business Point was setup to aid any business type in digital advertising, thereby exposing the businesses to the world at large.


Our mission is to help local business men and women in Nigeria to tremendously grow their businesses via digital advertising such as Website listings, Google Ads, Link blasting, Email marketing, Video marketing, Social media marketing etc.


We want to make business people in Nigeria to understand the value and importance of digital marketing towards their businesses.

The world have totally gone digital. Social media platforms have helped in bringing people around the world together. The digital world have now made it possible to connect with numerous people around the globe and can even make friends with them. Therefore, taking your business with you on this digital path will surely drive up your business sales which ensures that your potential customers will know you and what you offer.

So, it’s our vision to see that local businesses in Nigeria get the upgrades they need through digital means.