What Flutterwave-PayPal partnership means to merchants in Africa

Flutterwave’s partnership with PayPal stands to benefit African merchants as an efficient payment option.

When Flutterwave said that they are “simplifying payments for endless possibilities”, they meant it literally. From being YC’s most valuable African startup to being among Africa’s Unicorn company with a 1-billion-dollar valuation in 5 years, the company keeps getting better.

Now, they’ve partnered with PayPal to enable African merchants to receive payments via PayPal on Flutterwave’s platform. This partnership will connect African businesses with more than 377 million PayPal account holders globally.

Before now, PayPal users outside the country could not make payments to African merchants directly through their platform. This removes the restriction for African merchants to accept PayPal because once you have been registered as a Flutterwave merchant, PayPal becomes one of your payment types.

The integration with PayPal is live and operational across 50 African countries and worldwide.

In 2020, Flutterwave launched the Flutterwave store to enable online sales for merchants and freelancers in markets where it operates.

Then early this month, they rolled out Flutterwave Mobile, an app created for the small business owner who needs to use their mobile phone as a handy point of sale machine (POS) and online store.

Flutterwave merchants now have multiple options for accepting payments like card payments by generating a link, bank transfers, mobile money, USSD, and now PayPal payments.

Flutterwave operates in more than 10 African countries. In five years of operations, they have processed over 140 million transactions worth $9 billion.



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