Teaching not money-making venture

The Education Director of Mind Builders Schools, Omole,  Ogba, Lagos, Mrs Bola Falore, has said the teaching profession is not a money-making venture.

Falore said this at the celebration ceremony of  a Mind Builders Schools’ pupil, Oghenetejiri Esemitodje, who won the ‘The Ultimate Mathematics Ambassador 2021’.

11 year old Esemitodje  who is a primary six pupil was awarded with a cash prize of N500,000.00.

Falore, thereby, advised teachers across the state to have passion for the profession and be ready to influence learners positively.

She said, “You must follow your passion, nowadays a lot of teachers are like; ‘let me just get the money.’ Education is about influencing learners it is not about making money. I am not saying money is not good but teachers should do their job well and with all responsibilities.”

While speaking on the excellent performance of Esemitodje she said, “I am happy, it is something I have been planning for. Each time we get to the winning stage, we always drop. This time, we put in extra effort to make sure the ambassador will come from MD. There are a lot of ways you can teach mathematics without been rigid. What we did was to send our teachers to training programmes in mathematics. The school cannot do it alone, his parents were also there.”

Esemitodje also shared the secret of his success with our correspondent, “For the last few months before the competition, I have been practicing after school hours with the school’s scheme. My teacher made out extra-time to teach me, I am so happy. I want to advise other children to work hard and go extramile to learn more than what is taught in the school.”

His father, who is a pharmacist, Mr Igho Esemitodje said his son achieved the greatness due to dedication and ability to work on him psychologically.

“It is a great honour and I am proud he attained this height which I attribute to his mother she ensured she followed him up with his studies. Parents need to also work on their children psychologically. We looked at the his lapses and areas of strength and we worked on them. He was the only who got all the questions correctly at a stage. He also believes in himself because he always said he would want to be the champion.”

The mathematic champion’s mother, Mrs Evumena Esemitodje who is also a pharmacist said, “I am excited. I always push them to do their best and make sure they prepare for 100% when learning anything or preparing for an exam. I want to encourage parents to have goals for themselves and children. We also don’t encourage them to watch too much television.”



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