What's Happening?


Jun 08
One Dollar is now above N500

On Friday, two weeks after the Central Bank on Nigeria (CBN) devaluation, the Naira…

Jun 08
Twitter shutdown costing Nigeria N90.7m per hour

Every hour, the Federal government’s decision to prevent Nigerians from accessing…

Jun 08
CBN raises FOREX allocations to banks

With the parallel market exchange rate soaring, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has…

Jun 08
Ecobank parent company increases liability as it eyes new assets

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated liability is set to rise as the lender is looking…

Jun 08
Naira opens week negative at official window

The Nigerian Naira began the new week in the negative zone in the foreign currency…

Jun 03
Is Nigeria’s Bread price hike a result of price-fixing?

“After considering the impact of the skyrocketed prices of baking…