Nile University of Nigeria boosts career prospects of postgraduate students through provision of effective networking opportunities

There are many benefits of getting a postgraduate degree in Nigeria. From enhancing employability to achieving career growth, the pursuit of postgraduate education is a fruitful endeavour.

However, in Nigeria, public awareness of the impact of a postgraduate degree on employability and career growth is often limited to the effects of academic factors like curriculum, quality of lecturers, amongst others, on the students’ career prospects. Consequently, institutions that offer postgraduate degrees focus their efforts solely on enhancing their academic offerings to students. Nile University of Nigeria is an exception to this trend.

In addition to providing its postgraduate students with a high-quality academic experience, Nile University strategically attracts a professionally diverse postgraduate student population, offering its students an opportunity to enhance their professional networks and access valuable career opportunities, amongst other benefits. 

It is common knowledge that competency alone is often not enough to access certain opportunities; building professionally beneficial relationships with the right people is also important. By positioning its School of Postgraduate Studies to attract professionals from numerous high-profile organizations such as World Bank, NITDA, CBN, and NNPC, to name a few, Nile University offers its postgraduate students a networking gold mine where they can cultivate impactful professional relationships.

Speaking on the unique networking opportunity enjoyed by postgraduate students at Nile University, Mr. Faruq Illo, a current student of MFE Financial Economics at Nile University of Nigeria, stated, “Pursuing a Master’s degree in Financial Economics at Nile University has been a rewarding experience. Most of my coursemates are professionals from different reputable organizations, which has enabled me to make valuable connections that have led to more business opportunities for me. Case in point, as a Pensions Officer, the professional relationships I am building at Nile University so far, have been instrumental in linking me to clients that I would otherwise not have access to.” 

By remaining committed to maintaining a professionally diverse postgraduate student population, Nile University is set to continue improving the career prospects of its postgraduate students by providing them with high-quality networking opportunities to complement their in-class experiences.


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