Nigerians react as Chicken Republic unveils ‘odd’ breakfast menu without chicken

Popular Nigerian fast-food chain, Chicken Republic recently announced a new food menu option which has sparked a series of conversations on social media.

The fast-food chain, recently reported the launch of a new “Egg Star” combo under its “Breakfast on a budget” promo, which costs N500. The meal consists of rice, boiled eggs and tomato sauce (stew), which they say will only be available in Lagos stores from 8am to 12noon.

According to social media comments, this is another harsh reminder of the “sachetisation” of products to meet the demands of the Nigerian consumer and keep operations floating.

“Sachetisation” means the cutting of costs for FMCG manufacturers and operators in quantity and quality to enable reflective price policies of Nigeria’s economic climate. This is a route many producers have taken in order to remain profitable amid the shrinking middle-class purchasing power.

Co-Founder of Piggyvest, Odun Eweniyi shocked at the realization, said, “Chicken Republic selling rice with no chicken is wild bro.

Some warned that the recent issues should serve as a reminder for Nigerians in 2023, regarding the selection of the next leaders who understand economic fundamentals. @misyarns said: “Wike is right. The delegates have their own calculations and care little about economic indices. But we need a leader who keenly appreciates “theory.” We just spent 7 years with one who ruled via kitchen wisdom. The result? There is no chicken in Chicken Republic’s kitchen.”

But despite economic issues, Nigerians will always find a way of seizing joy from the jaws of despair. Influencer, Daniel Regha said: “Chicken Republic has added “Rice and boiled egg” to their menu for just N500, very cheap; I love this. Anytime there’s no better mama-put nearby, I may try it out. I don’t know why some people are complaining, be happy cos at least with just N500 u can eat & collect free AC”

What may have triggered the downgrade in menu?

  • In the recent Jollof Index, by SBM Intelligence, the report stated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is also impacting food prices in Nigeria, citing that the war has led to a global surge in fertiliser prices as shipments from the black sea region have been reduced.
  • Hence, food prices are likely to take an upward trend in the coming months. Already, the cost of a 50kg bag of NPK increased from N8,000 in the previous year to about N17,000 presently.
  • A bag of Urea fertiliser now costs N17,000, up from N6,000 last year, thus increasing the cost of food production. While the commissioning of the three million ton fertiliser facility is expected to improve the availability of fertiliser, it may not improve the cost,”  they added.
  • Meanwhile, last month, the Federal Government stated that the current food inflation which has been plaguing Nigerians is not just a Nigerian issue but a global one, warning that Nigerians comparing figures with that of 2018 are being “clever by half”.
  • This comes as food inflation rose to 17.2% for the month of March, an uptick compared to the 17.11% recorded in the preceding month. This rise in the food index was caused by increases in prices of Bread and cereals, food product, Potatoes, yam and other tubers, fish, meat, oils and fats.


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