How to stay productive when working remotely

The workplace, just like other aspects of human endeavor, has continued to evolve. One of such areas of evolution is remote work. While there have been arguments for and against the concept, one thing is certain, remote work is a concept that is here to stay. One common point of dispute for employers has been how to ensure that workers remain productive while working remotely.

The first step to remaining productive while working from home is to come to the understanding that remote work does not mean ‘remove work’. Many employees use the guise of working unseen and unsupervised to not put in as much effort into their work. Employees should have that mental maturity to still carry out their work as they would while at the office, and not abuse the opportunity.

Have a routine: Setting a pattern for how we get our work done teaches our brain to always respect and stick to that pattern always. The opposite is true, doing work without a routine depletes productivity and causes the brain to be unfocused. Employees, just as it is with office work, should start work at a designated time every day and end at a designated hour. Resist the urge to work from anywhere at home, rather, a room or space should be designated for work.

Remove the bad habits: Many remote workers develop some of these bad habits such as checking email every now and then, sleeping during working hours, overly spending time on social media, going out at will during work hours.

Use technology to your advantage: There are dozens of remote and productivity apps that aim to make remote work just as productive. Some of these apps are trello, Monday, ClickUp, etc. Remote employees should use them to their advantage. The use of desktop computers as opposed to laptops equally aid to increase performance. Time management tools such as all help make for better time management.

Find ways to communicate effectively: Communication is vital to the success of any remote work. Effective communication can be achieved via tools as Zoom, Loom, and other remote work and collaboration apps such as Trello, etc.

Companies are actively looking for ways to keep staff productivity high as they work from home. These strategies above sure come in handy.


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