Experts urge govt on digital policy consistency

Technology experts at the ongoing Lagos State Economic Summit, Ehingbeti, have stressed the need for governments to maintain policy consistency for technological innovations to drive development as Nigeria is gradually adjusting to the realities of the fourth industrial revolution.

This, according to them, would unleash innovation in a sustainable way and free the sector, which has been stiffened for years.

In a statement on Wednesday titled ‘Ehingbeti: Experts urge government to maintain digital policy consistency’, the analysts said policy consistency would encourage innovation and stimulate sectoral growth.

Speaking during the session, the Commissioner for Economic and Budget Planning who was also a Co-chair of the summit, Mr Samuel Egube, said, Ehingbeti was about Lagos and not the state government.

He said, “It is about the state to take certain actions and it is also to encourage the private sector to take actions.

“This has created an ecosystem for both the public and private sector to partner and add value. The idea is not only about what the state government should do.

“Of course, there is a lot it should do, but what the private sector should do should also be discussed.

“Ehingbeti is a platform for both the state government and the private sector to collaborate to achieve a common good.”



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