Educationist advises students to embrace STEM

The head of science, Lagos Preparatory and Secondary School, Lekki, Mrs Bunmi Alegbeleye, has advised parents and students to embrace STEM discipline.

Alegbeleye gave the advice on the sidelines of the British Science Week organised by the school to develop the students’ skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

She said, “The purpose of British Science Week is to encourage people of all ages to get involved in various scientific disciplines. At LPSS, we focus on engaging our students to get involved in these scientific disciplines, as there is a real drive within the education system to encourage the development of future scientists.

“For example, Science has been at the forefront of the news this year like never before, and it has been pivotal in the development of our understanding, tracking, and, ultimately, how we will tackle COVID-19.

“Involving our students at LPSS in British Science Week is a perfect way to give them a positive and hopeful outlook to learning and the future ahead.”

The theme of the event was ‘Innovating for the Future.’


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