Don advises government on job creation

For millions of Nigeria’s graduates to get employment opportunities, all tiers of government must provide good governance.This is the view of the Director, Business School Netherlands (BSN) Nigeria, Professor Lere Baale, at the Fellows’ Conference of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, held in Lagos.

Speaking on the theme, ‘the Scourge of Unemployable Graduates in Nigeria and the Possible Panacea’, Baale “the curricular of Nigerian universities and polytechnics should be continuously reviewed to respond to the needs and dynamics of today’s knowledge and digital economy” to reverse the tide of joblessness.

He also advocated the change of the 6-3-3-4 system to 7-3-3-2-4. According to him, “Nigerian undergraduates should be prepared for the outside world on simple issues such as making oral and written presentations, writing curriculum vitae, preparing for interviews and improving job profiles.”

While urging state governments across the country to embrace massive commercial agriculture schemes as a deliberate policy for job creation, Baale said social infrastructures such as railway, good roads and stable energy supply that favours industrialisation should be improved upon.



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